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The Salomon Ultra Pirineu organizing team is very aware of the concerns and uncertainties our participants are facing due to the ongoing situation caused by COVID-19.

In an effort to address potential issues, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will be updated as the situation evolves.

    We still have more than five months to go until October.  We hope that the global situation will have improved by then, and that we’ll be able to hold the event in optimal conditions of safety for everyone.

    We continue to work on the organization of the event, while keeping an eye on the news and in close contact with the local administration and health authorities.  As the date approaches, the health authorities will decide whether it is possible or not to go ahead in total safety.

    If the race is cancelled for safety reasons, all the participants registered to any of the 2020 Salomon Ultra Pirineu events will be automatically transferred to the 2021 edition without need of any further processing.

    If you want to renounce to your race bib, you will get 100% refund of your registration fee.  You can do this by sending an email to registration@ultrapirineu.com.  

    If the 2020 Salomon Ultra Pirineu is cancelled, NO DRAW will be done for the 94km race of the 2021 edition. The currently registered participants will be automatically transferred to the 2021 edition unless requested otherwise. Participants renouncing to their race bib will be substituted for candidates in the waiting list, that will remain open.

    If the 2020 Salomon Ultra Pirineu is cancelled, the registration forms for Trail Pirineu (56km), Sky Pirineu (36km) and Mitja Pirineu (19km) will remain open.  Therefore, participants will be able to register until all the slots are occupied and the corresponding waiting list opens.

    The FAQ section will get periodically updated on the web of the event (www.ultrapirineu.com).

    Also, we’ll be happy to address any questions at info@ultrapirineu.com. We have always appreciated your feedback, but now we need it more than ever.

    We are living strange times, challenging moments for which we are ill-prepared but we are sure that we come through them. Some things will change, but we hope they will change for the better, perhaps we’ll become more empathetic and eager to help each other.

    We hope that we’ll be able to hold the 12th edition of Salomon Ultra Pirineu in October, because we are sure that it will be a very special edition. We’ll be happy to meet you again and enjoin the mountains. Maybe some of you will take it easier this year, paying a bit less attention to the chrono and a bit more to the breath-taking views of the surrounding nature. Maybe some of you will need to quench your thirst of kilometres like there is no tomorrow. In any case, there is no doubt that the SUP2020 won’t be as we planned few months ago. It will be different; it will be special!

    If at the end we can’t hold the event, we’ll deeply regret it. But it will only mean that we will be already thinking in 2021. Right now our priority is to take care of everyone, in particular the elderly. If there is something that we can take for granted, is that the mountains will be there when we are back, because they were there much before us and will remain there after us.

    The Salomon Ultra Pirineu team.


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